London women running the world

The women of the University of Sunderland in London are putting on their running shoes for You Make It, a charity that helps young women change their lives through workshops and mentoring.

On Saturday 7 March, eight women from departments across the University are teaming up to run the Victoria Park Race in London in celebration of International Women’s Day.

The team, training right now to join hundreds of other runners for the 5km to 10km race, are:

  • Evdoxia Liatiri (Student Administration Manager)
  • Roshelle Pereira (Student administration Officer)
  • Jasmina Korab-Karpowicz (Timetabling Coordinator)
  • Shabana Akbar (Associate Lecturer)
  • Tina Yang (Student Relations Officer)
  • Desislava Vodenicharova (Intern and our current student)
  • Alisa Tsykhotsky (Health & Wellbeing Manager)
  • Ilona Lewicka (HR Manager)

“We’re spreading the power of women at the University of Sunderland in London.” Ilona said “That’s why we chose You Make It. We want to help women who have passions and ambitions but need a little help, whether that’s education, advice or just someone to talk to.

Alisa said, “I think connecting with others through movement and endurance for an important cause like International Women’s Day, is a great thing for our physical and mental health. It gives you a real sense of belonging. I’m excited to show my commitment to this cause with my colleagues, no matter the end results.”

Evi said, “It’s really special, getting to do this with a great team of colleagues and for a worthy cause. It makes all the training really worthwhile.”

Ilona summed up, “We’re not trying to prove we’re all super-fast or break any records. But it’s nice to represent the women of the University. We’re having fun and supporting each other through the whole experience.”

You can donate to the team’s efforts at Get more information about the work of You Make It on their website. Find out more about the Victoria Park Race on the Run Through website.